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  • 150 - Regal Bloom

150 - Regal Bloom

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* 100% Woven Cotton 
* 150cm wide
* 135gsm - Medium Weight
* Tight poplin weave
* OEKO-TEX Certified

Manufacturer Care Instructions: For best results, it is suggested to prewash all fabrics before sewing as fabric shrinkage may occur.

* Machine or hand wash in cold-warm water (up to 40 degrees C) on normal wash cycle.
* Use regular detergent, (no bleaching or using products that contain optical brighteners or whitening compounds),
* Line dry in the shade.

It is also recommended to use a high quality thread when sewing your creations as some lower quality threads can color run when laundered.  We have Maxi-Lock and Rasant Threads available for your convenience.

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