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Affiliate Program

  1. Do you love sewing with fabric and notions that you have purchased from Fabric Trove?
  2. Do you love sharing these creations on facebook and/or your blog?
  3. Would you like to join the Fabric Trove team?
  4. Would you like an exclusive affiliate discount each month?
  5. Would you like to earn a little passive income for your effort? 

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you might be interested in our affiliate program.

We are now taking registrations from current customers to join our FREE affiliate program.

How does it work?

It's very simple! You register for your affiliate account (we chose Tapfiliate to keep track of all details). Once approved, you will have access to your affilliate dashboard and your unique affiliate link.

Copy your affilliate link and post it with your latest creation made with fabric from Fabric Trove to your desired website, Facebook page/group or blog etc. This affiliate link lets you earn 7% of any sales bought through that affiliate link. All sales completed up to 45 days after the link was clicked will be counted as an affiliate sale.

Affiliate Rules

  • No linking in any of Fabric Trove's official facebook pages/group.
  • Must use your own photo, using either fabric, pattern and or haberdashery from Fabric Trove.
  • You must no edit/alter any of our images/logos that we provide via the affiliate program.
  • When posting in Facebook groups, please abide by each group rules. 


Currently the commission is set at 7% on the total value of each order placed via your link.  You will receive an automatic payout in AUD to your nominated Paypal account each time your commission total reaches $50, to minimise the Paypal transaction fees you incur with each payout. Currently commissions are paid to Paypal accounts only. 

Average order value is currently $63AUD as of 23/03/2018


Affiliate Link Ideas

  • Unboxing video
  • Purchase one of our softie patterns, make it and share photos on your facebook page or in a softie related facebook group.
  • Purchase fabric, make item and share on facebook or related facebook group.
  • Put our logo on the side of your blog for all to see and click, refresh link every 45 days.
  • Make a blog post about something you have purchased from Fabric Trove.
  • Make a video tutorial on youtube using one of our products.
  • Share one of our promotional items on your page or in a related facebook group.
  • Make a product/service review of Fabric Trove.

Remember we ship world wide so you can explore international facebook groups if you like, New Zealand being our most popular international destination. Please make sure you follow all facebook group rules in regards to linking and posting.