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  • Scrap Pack - Custom Woven

Scrap Pack - Custom Woven

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Scrap Pack - Custom Woven

5-6 different fabrics in each pack. Fabric sizes are between 23-45 cm by 150cm width of fabric. Approx 1.2-1.5mtrs of fabric in total. Random selection in each pack. If more than 1 pack is ordered, it is possible that you could receive duplicates. Sample picture is a example of what is in 1 pack. Some prints may have small print errors on them, but 98% of all fabric prints will be problem free.

All 100% cotton.

Please note, if you are not open to accepting random fabrics, please do not order this product as packs are made up from a selection of over 50+ prints. We specalise in floral prints, so expect a few :) :)

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